What's In a Name Like Empathic?

by Monica Ross

When I chose a name for my practice I started with a list of about 50 words that I associated with counseling. I opened up a word document and just started typing words out.  I whittled the list down until I came up with the one word that I associated the most with therapy. That word was empathy. And then I thought, okay. So, I want that word in the naming of my practice. I had decided on empathy or empathic, but then what? Online.  The bulk of my practice will for now be online.  Which comes to the third word I chose—counseling. I chose counseling because a google search for therapy could bring up a whole host of things for the word therapy--physical therapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy.

Largely what I do is simply counseling.  My degree was in Counseling Psychology.  So, counseling it is.  There was a moment where I woke up in the middle of the night after already having filed the dba and was thinking now wait, is it really empathic or should the word be empathetic?

The grammar nerd in me was on high alert.  A quick search delivered this discussion writingexplained.org.  Empathic it is.  After that was decided, I had to come up with a domain name.  Empathiconlinecounseling.com is kind of long and awkward.  The people at Brighter Vision had already secured monicarosslpc.com as my primary domain.  So we went with that.

But I knew I wanted a social media presence as well, which would involve a username.  So, I went to namechk.com.  There are several sites like it.  The concept is that you type in a potential username and it checks the name across all domain names and usernames.

Empathic I had down, but what else could I add?  I searched through a thesaurus on several other keywords that I associated with words like insight, awareness, which are also very good counseling words.  I landed on the word sage.  So my username is a combination of both empathy and understanding. =)