Developing my Facebook Business Page

by Monica Ross

Another thing I had to think about was the development of a Facebook page. What is my page going to be about? What value can I add out there in Facebook land with the millions of pages that exist? Furthermore, from what I’ve read, most business pages don’t end up coming up in people’s feeds because Facebook isn't set up as much to be a business promoting tool, though the "boost posts " ads would have me believing otherwise. You have to actually make the decision often to visit a page to even see what is posted. So I did some thinking about this. I decided that because I consider myself a somewhat creative person I would want my online presence to be somewhat dynamic. I’d want to share links to therapy resources yes, but also articles, music, videos, humor, and quotes.

But as always, it is important to consider ethics when talking about social media.  And people have differing opinions about the ethical considerations.  I found this article helpful from iCouch.  In addition, the following serves as ethical guidelines for the use of social media in an online practice Online Therapy Institute.