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“Why should I choose you as my therapist?”

-I have extensive life experience along with postgraduate education and clinical experience.

-I am holistic in my approach meaning that I see before a whole person composed of many intimately connected parts that cannot be separated from the whole.

-My clients tell me that they can tell that I truly care about what they are going through and describe me as empathic, informed, and non-judgmental.

-I provide a safe and accepting environment for discussing traumatic issues regardless of sexual, gender, cultural or spiritual orientation.

-I offer a 15-minute consultation at no charge so you can see how you feel and whether you think we are a good match for one another. 

Session Availability:

Fridays-- 8am to 7pm
Saturdays-- 8am to 4pm
Sundays-- 8am to 4pm
Mondays-- 10am to 7pm
Wednesdays-- 2pm to 8pm

My Location:

3625 Manchaca Rd. Suite 202
Austin, TX  78704